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Abbey Kelly

It all starts in the mind


 Positive thoughts I swipe them right and Negative thoughts I swipe them left

Abbey Kelly

From London, England

Been living in Paris for over 5 years.

Hello I'm Abbey and I'm a Life Strategist, that helps people navigate their way through life.

It's hard to believe that not to long ago, I was under constant stress from work.

I had a toxic manager, that made my dream job a living nightmare. This really affected my physical and mental well being. I used to give myself a million reasons as to why I can't quit my job. On top of that my dating life was a mess. Situation-ships, ghosters, breadcrumbing etc.

Then in 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer. This was my major turning point. During chemotherapy I was ghosted by a guy I really liked. This made me feel like shit, and I couldn't believe that I allowed my self to stay working alongside my toxic manager.

Once I finished treatment I decided to make positive changes to my life.

I worked on my mindset and personal development.

I went on a self-love journey to focus on myself. I took time out from dating and started dating myself. I did a lot of solo traveling and reconnected to my Higher Self.

Before my illness I allowed myself, to be trapped in my thoughts, I allowed fear to keep me stuck in my job. I allowed men to use me. I allowed the outside pressures of 'society's deadlines' to influence where I should be by the time I'm...etc.

Today I'm in remission and happy with my life. I know my self-worth and keep healthy boundaries. I no longer stand in my own way. I show up to life fully present without any doubts, worry, or fear.

Let me help you do the same!

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