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How to break a Soul Tie with an EX!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Written by Abbey Kelly - Helping Women know their worth to attract the right relationship.


As we go forward into a New Year, we often think and reflect on the things we need to keep or let go of, in our lives. But have you ever thought about letting go of your soul tie once and for all?

What is a soul tie?

When people use the term soul tie they often mean that they are bound to another individual spiritually or emotionally. There are two types of soul ties:

  • The one that is healthy and enhances your life

  • The one that is unhealthy and has a negative effect on your life

For the purpose of this article I am focusing on the unhealthy soul ties with an EX, because this is the one that has a lot of people feeling stressed and unhappy.

Some people have been soul tied to an EX for YEARS, which means they are unable to let go. This can be a bad thing especially if you're still having sex with them, because it strengthens the bondage a bondage that leaves you feeling, emotionally depleted every time it falls apart.

How can a soul tie with an EX affect your love life?

Even if you haven't seen your EX in years, they can still have an emotional hold on you.

A lot of women feel stuck because they can't let go of an ex.

How can you let new love into your life, if you're still tied up to an ex?

At some point you have to move forward with your life because, staying stuck is a form of self-sabotage! Ruminating about your ex or going back for more is like an addiction!

and luckily addictions can be broken!

In the video below I am giving you a practical cord cutting lesson, on breaking that soul tie with an ex. So get yourself a pen and paper to take notes!


You can interact with Abbey on Instagram: @abbeyhere

Abbey is also the Co-author of Manifesting Love

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